Prepairing for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us again and with the number of people without work rising it doesn’t seem to be a good holiday approaching. The unemployment rate for Georgia is at 10.3% which is above the national average at 9.6% since the last adjustments. Rates of unemployment don’t even include the thousands if not millions of people without homes to live in. With all the heartbreaking news of stories like this how can anyone enjoy this holiday season?

The answer is simple, networking, the sheer meaning of the word screams working together! For the holidays we all need to work together to build income, share support, and educate one another. Our country has been run by the idea that the strong survive and the weak will fall for so long that we have forgot that the strong often get weak. Networking keeps the links of the chain strong and the spirits of the fighters high. Why not use this method to build income for the holidays and everyday after?

Many in America have heard of network marketing to build income. In fact Robert T. Kiyosaki has called network marketing the business of the 21st century.  The problem with network marketing is there are so many companies that function in that feild that its hard to know which one to trust. As said before when networking there should be a chance to build income, support each other, and educate each other. If a company is using network marketing purely for income then the company fails to support those who need help the most. At this point in the year, with the holidays upon us, no one can afford to take the risk of being with a poor company.

A good network marketing company will provide all of the elements that make networking a positive way to change. With a good company income is provided, support from others, and education for continued success is gained. Good companies are also reconized in a good business community such as the New York Stock Exchange. Only a few networking companies last long enough to be invited to the NYSE. When searching for a good company start with looking for companies that have been invited to be publicly traded. Those companies are open for anyone to learn everything that is needed to know about the strength of the company. Using this practice minimizes the risk of thinking that the company choosen will not support any goals that may be set.

Networking can help us all prepair for the holidays with a chance to work together to be successful after the holidays. Consider networking to help members of the family grow stronger in every area of their lives. Seek networking to avoid loans or any negative influence for income. Networking helps everyone involved with the network to succeed. So when prepairing for the holidays, what would be better than working together; its what the holidays are all about!

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